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Chemical Detection Systems Simulation Environment

CogniTech is developing a chemical detection systems simulation environment for the Office of Naval Research. The chemical and biological detection processes contains a number of component processes, including the generation of a vapor cloud, atmospheric transport, large-scale meteorology, sensor hardware, sensor software, sensor fusion and decision support systems. These processes can be represented as system of sub-system models. The constituent simulations are characterized by model semantics, parameters and metrics, which include domain of applicability, dynamic state evolution, simulation time scales, resolution, fidelity, uncertainty, and robustness. The architecture incorporates these characteristics by integrating distributed software interfaces and supporting chaining of simulation outputs, errors, noise, uncertainty, and perturbation disturbances. It securely integrates databases and process models, including a wide variety of sensor and environmental data interchange formats. The architecture also facilitates the verification and validation of models and simulations using ground truth data.


Toxicology Risk Assessment System

Toxicity screening is important to many industries including household chemical production, agriculture, food science, pharmaceutical, petroleum, and chemical/biological defense. Using fuzzy logic, rules-based expert systems technology, and the Java programming language, CogniTech Corporation has developed a web portal for property-based toxicity assessment of novel chemical compounds. Research and development of CogniTech's Integrated Toxicity Evaluation Portal (ITEP) is currently focused on identifying hormonally active agents and incorporating ab initio methods of quantum chemistry in property-based toxicity evaluation.


ImageStockhouse™ Launch Announced

Image Stockhouse™ announced its launch for February 8, 2002, the day of the Olympics Opening Ceremonies. ImageStockhouse™ provides a user-friendly, cost-effective stock agency for photographers, publications, national and international advertisers and their agencies. Photographers provide images to ImageStockhouse™, which serves as their agent. ImageStockhouse™ is dedicated to featuring distinctive images by gifted photographers from all over the world who capture the moment. CogniTech developed the software tools for this web portal.



CalcuDos.com™, an Idaho Corporation, is a provider of healthcare decision support content. CogniTech and CalcuDos.com™ team on several projects. One project, CalcuDos©, addresses the fact that U.S. hospitals spend more than several billion dollars per year on antibiotics. Optimal patient dosing requires complex calculations using patient-specific and population data. CalcuDos© provides decision support for healthcare providers to aid their antibiotic dosing and selection based upon cost, sensitivity data, and patient-specific data. CalcuDos.com™ is a real-time web-based service developed in the Java programming language. CalcuDos.com™ has completed and presented retrospective studies and plans prospective clinical studies.

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