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CogniTech is developing a web portal for the virtual test and evaluation of Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) algorithms for the Air Force Research Laboratory Sensors Directorate. The portal application runs on a distributed server system and uses web-browser technology for its user interface. The primary portal technologies include XML, Java servlets, Java Server Pages (JSP), CORBA, SQL and Java applets. The web portal uses common and open system architectures across multiple locations containing heterogeneous hardware and operating systems. Extensive use of open source tools makes the resulting solution cost effective and portable.

This system will easily allow multiple users in locations around the world to effectively collaborate and test ATR software algorithms under a variety of different scenarios. The portal provides security through encryption and authentication. The web portal will communicate with servers using a secure CORBA Object Request Broker.

Various classes of registered users will have access to and use different capabilities of the portal. New algorithms and simulations may be registered within the system using tools provided by the portal. Simulations and algorithms may be tested by visually wiring components together within a workflow environment. The results are stored in a database for possible further analysis and evaluation.

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Personal Data Assistant (PDA) Software for Questionnaire Data Collection

CogniTech Corporation has developed software technologies to enable hand-held personal data assistants (e.g., Palm Pilots) to capture clinical scale/questionnaire data and synchronize that data on a centralized database. This tool utilizes XML templates for the generation of electronic source documents based on a representative set of clinical scales and questionnaires. The software application enables:
? dynamic generation of an electronic user interface on a personal data assistant (PDA) from the XML templates;
? navigation through the questions;
? and saving source document data and encrypted subject identifier data to the local PDA and centralized server databases.

In addition to the immediate clinical application, the software technology developed in this project is applicable to a broad range of portable data collection tasks.

The development of this technology was assisted by a contract from the National Institute of Mental Health.

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