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October 1, 2001

CogniTech Awarded SBIR Phase I Contract from Department of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health, NIMH for PDA Software Development

Salt Lake City -- CogniTech Corporation received contract N43MH12052 from the National Insitute of Mental Health to support its development of software technologies to enable hand-held personal data assistants (e.g., Palm Pilots) to capture clinical scale/questionnaire data and synchronize that data on a centralized database. This tool utilizes XML templates for the generation of electronic source documents based on a representative set of clinical scales and questionnaires.

The software application will enable:

  • dynamic generation of an electronic user interface on a personal data assistant (PDA) from the XML templates;
  • navigation through the questions;
  • and saving source document data and encrypted subject identifier data to the local PDA and centralized server databases.

In addition to the immediate clinical application, the software technology developed in this project will be applicable to a broad range of portable data collection tasks.

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Founded in 1996, CogniTech Corporation is a small business located in Salt Lake City, Utah. It specializes in software research, design, development and consulting. Its products and technologies include workflow management systems, web portals, simulation environments, scientific computation, decision support and data mining technologies, and software for personal data assistants. It has professional expertise in healthcare, engineering, science, military, commerce, marketing, and other industries. Further information on CogniTech can be found at www.cognitech-ut.com.

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