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October 24, 2002

CalcuDos.com Prepares for Next Production Release

Boise, Idaho - CalcuDos.com™ is preparing for the next production release of its CalcuDos© real-time web-based antibiotic decision support software.
U.S. hospitals spend more than several billion dollars per year on antibiotics. Optimal patient dosing requires complex calculations using patient-specific and population data. CalcuDos© provides decision support for healthcare providers to aid their antibiotic dosing and selection based upon cost, sensitivity data, and patient-specific data. CalcuDos.com™ is a web-based service developed in the Java programming language, with assistance from CogniTech Corporation.

Allan Salzberg, MD, PhD, CEO of CalcuDos.com™, said, "Web-based technologies for real-time antibiotic decision, such as CalcuDos©, should be able to provide healthcare organizations with antibiotic savings in the neighborhood of 25%, while improving patient outcomes." Jerome Soller, Ph.D., President/CEO of CogniTech Corporation said, "The complexity of the expert knowledge and calculations conceived by CalcuDos.com™ is complemented by an intuitive web-based user interface. The software architecture of CalcuDos© will enable it to integrate with other healthcare software."

About CalcuDos.com

CalcuDos.com™, an Idaho Corporation, is a provider of healthcare decision support content and systems. Further information on their antibiotic decision support software is available at www.calcudos.com.

About CogniTech Corporation

Founded in 1996, CogniTech Corporation is a small business located in Salt Lake City, Utah. It specializes in software research, design, development and consulting. Its products and technologies include workflow management systems, web portals, simulation environments, scientific computation, decision support and data mining technologies, and software for personal data assistants. It has professional expertise in healthcare, engineering, science, military, commerce, marketing, and other industries. Further information on CogniTech can be found at www.cognitech-ut.com.

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