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October 25, 2002

CogniTech Corporation Wins SBIR Phase II Contract from Department of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health, NIMH to Further Develop PDA Software for Questionnaires

Salt Lake City -- The National Institute of Mental Health has awarded CogniTech Corporation Phase II contract N44MH22052, titled, "PDA Data Capture of Electronic Source Documents" to further the development of its Personal Data Assistant (PDA) software for questionnaire authoring, data collection, and data management. The Phase II efforts will extend the existing application and associated software framework to include the following additional features:

  • A more comprehensive model of constructs for use within electronic source documents;
  • An authoring / encoding environment to enable a domain expert, without programming experience, to encode the content and control flow for a scale;
  • A library of scales;
  • Easy deployment of scales and questionnaires across a wide variety of PDA platforms, including PalmOS and Microsoft PocketPC;
  • Advanced decision support capabilities, allowing for deployment of complex questionnaires;
  • Deployment on web and desktop platforms that support federal accessibility requirements;
  • Synchronization of data on PDA with server-side database;
  • Comprehensive case report generation capability, allowing the user to view and print reports in configurable formats; and
  • Security capabilities, such as encryption, role-based access control, and attributability/audit trails compliant with FDA and other government regulations.

Usability studies, reliability of paper vs. PDA data capture studies, and cost-effectiveness analysis will be performed to drive software enhancements and validation.

CogniTech President, Dr. Jerome Soller said, "We are excited to win this NIH contract, which will enable us to develop a suite of applications for questionnaire authoring and data collection on
multiple platforms for healthcare and other industries."

About CogniTech Corporation

Founded in 1996, CogniTech Corporation is a small business located in Salt Lake City, Utah. It specializes in software research, design, development and consulting. Its products and technologies include workflow management systems, web portals, simulation environments, scientific computation, decision support and data mining technologies, and software for personal data assistants. It has professional expertise in healthcare, engineering, science, military, commerce, marketing, and other industries. Further information on CogniTech can be found at www.cognitech-ut.com.

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