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CogniTech has partnered with IBM since CogniTech's inception. CogniTech is a member of the IBM Business Partner and several software Solution Developer Programs. CogniTech was a recipient of e-business Development for Growing Enterprises (eDGE) funding. CogniTech has successfully teamed with IBM Global Services, Global Government Industry, Small and Medium-Sized Business , Java Industry Solutions, Object Technology and Development Tools Marketing, and other IBM divisions/subsidiaries for software services and product development.

IBM software is known for its scalability and cross-platform support in enterprise environments. By working with IBM development tools, a developer can develop an e-business solution on a Microsoft NT* server and easily port that same solution to a scalable AS/400*, Unix or mainframe server. Because of IBM's willingness to team with business partners to improve the utility of their software development environments and middleware tools for the complex challenges of healthcare and other enterprises, CogniTech has worked closely with the IBM Toronto Laboratories and other IBM development groups to improve their development tools. These tools include:

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